At Writing in Paradise retreats we curate beautiful environments between Byron Bay and Bali for your creativity to flourish.

The retreat is one of immersion in the craft and practice of writing, whatever your project is. Not sure what your story is, or what you want to write? Our daily writing exercises and practice will inspire you. As well, each day, we have a session on the craft of writing, and sharing tools and tips to make your writing flow and grow to be as compelling as it can be.

You’ll be with a small, friendly and equally-keen-to-write group of fellow writers. Your first writing sessions include generating new pieces and, if you’d like to, sharing them with the group. Feedback is given by me and my fellow tutor. And each day, you’ll experience the joy of ‘hanging around words and stories’. Many elements in the day will keep you inspired and productive. And there is time, and space to relax, recharge and, should you want, explore the surroundings. There’s time for resting and letting whichever muse you might be calling to, come and visit.

Laze by, or in, the pool if you’d like. Walk to the beach, or take one of the bicycles and go for a ride. And then, come back! Our evening sessions are a joy, too.

What we’re excited about is the very real prospect that each writer is able to find and use their authentic voice to tell the story they want to. We help grow your daily confidence to write and explore different ways to write. You’ll get excited about how the story is shaping and learn to make it more and more compelling. We’re here to provide the guidance, practice and daily support for you to craft your writing, no matter whether it’s large or small; fiction, or non-fiction; poetry, essay, memoir…

At Writing in Paradise, we’re dedicated to making the writing process joyful, productive and successful.

Our next retreat dates and location.

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